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Engagement and Strategic Planning

Rabbi Ruth congregational meetingTBA's 2017 Annual Congregational MeetingTemple Beth Am is in the process of developing a strategic plan. The plan will help TBA set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen our operations, ensure that all stakeholders are working toward common goals, and establish agreement around intended outcomes. This page will outline our progress toward creating the plan and inform congregants about  opportunities for input.

To read a letter from TBA's Board of Directors on the congregational meeting as well as notes from the budget meeting, please click here. Read the TBA Strategic Planning Project 2017 - 2020 Trends Report.


Upcoming Events:

Strategic Planning Congregational Meeting
Sunday, October 15, 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM
TBA Social Hall
Congregants will have a final opportunity to provide input on the strategic plan before the Board votes to approve it.

Annual Meeting and Strategic Planning Process

More than 100 TBA members joined together at the Annual Meeting in May to provide feedback on the initial research findings and framework that has been developed for our Strategic Plan. The feedback you provided at this meeting adds to the multiple forms of information that we been gathering and evaluating since January -- in our efforts to engage the whole community. Click the link to read about the Annual Meeting and TBA's Strategic Planning process.

 These are a list of summary documents from the research and information that we have collected:

Research and Information Gathering

Materials for Annual Meeting

Feedback from Annual Meeting

Creating the Future of Temple Beth Am: Strategic Planning Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Strategic Planning Task Force?

A    The Strategic Planning Task Force is gathering feedback and insights from congregational members as our community undertakes its strategic planning for the future. At the direction of the Board of Directors, the Task Force is surveying the community in order to help identify priorities for TBA. These priorities will help lay leaders and staff develop and align programmatic, financial, and operational plans. The Task Force includes: board members Shelly F. Cohen and Andrea Lieberman; lay leader Lisa Colton, and staff members Rabbi Ruth A. Zlotnick and Barbara Green.

Why are we undertaking strategic planning?

Annual Congregational Meeting 1TBA's 2017 Annual Congregational MeetingWe can think of strategic planning using an analogy of planning for a trip. Similar to planning a trip, it is most effective if you identify destination, route, manner of transportation, etc. Similarly, strategic planning identifies goals (just like a destination) and specific actions to reach those goals (similar to a method of transportation). It is difficult to reach a goal or a destination without planning. We know that Jewish congregations throughout the country are looking at changing trends in membership and operations due to a variety of factors. Temple Beth Am is undertaking strategic planning to help us understand how we may address the needs of congregants and our community in the future.

What is the work of the Task Force?

A    The Task Force is facilitating one in-person Forum to provide members the opportunity to discuss and process information related to what makes TBA important in our lives. A few focus groups will be conducted with specific constituencies (lay leadership, youth, and new TBA members). In mid-March, we will field an online survey. Our goal is that through these activities, everyone who wants to participate will have a voice in our strategic planning. In addition to congregational input, the Task Force is interviewing leaders from congregations throughout the country.

What is the Timeline for Task Force Activities?

A    Here is the timeline:

  • TBAs Annual Congregational Meeting 2TBA's 2017 Annual Congregational MeetingBoard of Directors Focus Group: February 16
  • Interviews with Leaders from other Congregations: February / March
  • Youth Focus Group: March 19
  • New member Focus Group (through Zoom): March 1
  • In-Person Forum: 10:00 AM, March 5
  • Online Member survey: mid-March
  • Results reviewed at TBA Annual Meeting
  • President's Meeting: September 5
  • Congregational Meeting: October 15
  • Board Approval: November 16

How will I be kept informed? If I have questions or comments, who do I contact?

A    The Task Force will be posting information to eHappenings,TBA’s weekly online newsletter. If you have questions or comments, please send an email to TBA's Interim Executive Director Barbara Green.