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High Holy Days

Shofar-Band-and-KlezKidz-033WebThe Jewish New Year in the Fall is a time for both joy and self-examination. We gather as a community to celebrate creation, the miracle of life, and our own inner potential for renewal. It is always a mitzvah to give tzedakah to worthy causes, but, on Rosh Hashanah,this mitzvah takes on added significance. By sharing our blessings with others, we share our happiness in receiving the bounty of the earth.

Yom Kippur is a day of grandeur when the call of the majestic evening prayer Kol Nidre beckons us all to join together and let our longings and prayers combine in a powerful expression of hope. It is a reflective day that asks us to look deeply at the path of our lives. But it is also an optimistic day because, at its essence, it believes that no matter our stage of life, we have the power to change and turn to a better, more meaningful direction.

High Holy Day Sermons

RLevineWebSquare2014RabbiZlotnickWebSquareTo view videos of some of our High Holy Days 5777 sermons, go to our Vimeo page. This includes Rabbi Ruth A. Zlotnick's stirring sermon on Kol Nidre.

Go to these links for our rabbis' sermons from 2016:

Go to these links for our rabbis' sermons from 2015:







For more information about the High Holy Days, including history, customs and rituals, family activities, and recipes, go to ReformJudaism.org

Choir Samples - High Holy Days

Mi Chamocha (Peter Klein arr.):

Uvashofar gadol:

Avinu Malkaynu (Chassidic):

Ki Hem Chayenu:

Modeh Ani:

Eil Norah Alilah:

Pitchu Li: