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Religious Practices

The mission of the Religious Practices Committee (RPC) is to help interpret ritual in a way that will enhance our understanding and create a service that speaks to both heart and mind. A member of the RPC serves as shamus (helper) for every service, overseeing arrangements and engaging participants from the congregation.

The Religious Practices Committee meets on the second Thursday of the month at 7:15 PM. (Go to the Calendar to confirm this month's date.) In addition to business matters, there is a discussion of a religious topic, led by a rabbi, at every meeting. The Religious Practices Committee in coordination with the rabbis:

  • Studies Judaic tradition to guide the Temple spiritually
  • Determines religious policies of the Temple
  • Selects prayer books and services
  • Recruits participants for the services

Religious Practices
The Religious Practices Committee has developed the following guidelines for participation in our services:

  • Shabbat Service Roles: procedures for worship responsibilities during Shabbat Services. You will find procedures for Torah Assistant, English Reader, Candle Blessings, Hagbah, Aliyah, and Haftarah Reader
  • Shamus Guidelines: what to do before, during, and after services
  • Food Policy: all issues related to food served in the Temple

Torah Readers Wanted
If you have experience or would like to learn to read from our sacred text, now is a good time to take your first step. Our Torah Readers group has grown in the last two years, but we still need readers. Contact Jo Merrick, who can answer your questions and act as your guide as you begin this process.