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Mission, Vision, Values, and Principles


We deepen relationships to Judaism and our community by engaging the soul, heart, and mind.


Inspiring lives and healing the world through powerful Jewish experiences.


Inclusion: We welcome everyone into our community. We embrace diversity so that people feel seen and heard, and everyone is invited to participate. We honor all levels of Jewish knowledge.

Inspiration: We nourish the soul, mind, and body. We affirm Judaism’s belief that life is a gift from the Divine. We nurture our capacity for gratitude and blessing.

Purpose: We believe that every individual’s life has meaning and what we do matters in the world. Our actions are rooted in Jewish values, texts, and traditions.

Engagement: We get involved in issues that matter to us to make the world a better place. We contribute to one another's lives by cultivating kindness, joyously celebrating, and offering solace to heal pain.

Curiosity: We are inquisitive, eager to learn from our successes and our mistakes. We strive to continually improve our communication and enhance our organizational health.

Responsibility: We participate in a web of relationships within and beyond our congregation, and fulfill our obligations to others locally, nationally, and globally. We recognize our special commitment to Am Yisrael, the Jewish people here, in the State of Israel, and throughout the world.

Approved by the Board of Directors on November 16, 2017


What should a Reform Congregation be?

  • It should be religious. We are not primarily a social organization or a cultural association or a political forum. We are here to serve an Intelligence higher than human, a Love greater than our own.
  • It should be democratic. Our congregation has a splendid tradition of member participation. Let us encourage this tradition. Judaism is not for the Rabbi alone, or the Board alone, or the children alone; it is for all of us. A congregation does not belong to any one person or group.
  • It should be creative. We need new answers for new times. Let us be bold enough to experiment. We are highly blessed in this congregation with intelligence and vision. Let us seize our opportunity, think anew, and extend the frontiers of Jewish life.
  • It should be relevant. It must be relevant to the needs of society. A synagogue is an oasis for the world, not from the world. Wherever human beings are persecuted or oppressed, it is our concern. Heirs of the prophets, guardians of the moral tradition, we must be unalterably hostile to injustice.
  • It should be learned. Let difference of opinion abound among us! Only let that opinion be informed. A people who have championed the mind certainly cannot be ignorant about their own religion. And surely in our congregation adults as well as children should be eagerly in pursuit of Jewish knowledge. Let our congregation be religious, democratic, creative, relevant and learned. But let us be all these things without self-righteousness, redeemed by humility and saved by a sense of humor.

Approved by the Board of Trustees on May 12, 1966

Thu, August 5 2021 27 Av 5781