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Learning Resources (Week of May 31, 2020)

Torah Study

This Week’s Torah Portion: Naso (June 6, 2020)

The Study of Torah - Middah Talmud

Torah Study: Tips for Leading a Weekly Family Discussion

Naso for Tots

Naso for Tweens

Naso for Teens



Shabbat Evening Blessings: Kiddush (Blessing over Wine)

Shaboom!: Learn the Kiddush

Make a Kiddush Cup

Jeweled Kiddush Cup

Shabbat Craft Project: Kiddush Cup Ornament

DIY Jewish Slime: How to Make the BEST Kiddush Slime Ever!

BimBam: Hinei Ma Tov Singalong with Isaac Zones

BimBam: Hinei Ma Tov: A Jewish Kids' Sing Along

Nefesh Mountain: Hinei Ma Tov


Kavod (Respect/Honor)

What Is Jewish about Respect? An Intro to Kavod for Parents

Shaboom!: All the Respect, the Plony Family Learns About Kavod

Teaching Children about Respect (Kavod)

Shalom Sesame: Friendship

What Is Jewish About Respecting Differences?



Shalom Sesame: Classic Mischpacha "The Family Song"

Word on the Street: Family

Aleph Bet Rap

Learning to Read - The Letter Aleph

Hebrew Slang

Shalom Sesame: The Count's Number of the Day

20-Second Handwashing in Hebrew

Hebrew Mood Posters (How Are You Feeling?)

iCenter Hebrew Resources


Art Projects

My Jewish Learning: Three Jewish Symbols (Hamsa, Chai, and Jewish Star), Explained

Learn How to Make a Paper Hamsa: Jewish DIY Crafts for Kids

Hamsa Craft

How to Make an Origami Star of David


Music and Movement

Official Goofy Guf Music Video by Noah Aronson and Jacob Glickman

Israeli Rhythm Party with Mayumana Kids

Hava Nagila Beatbox

Benny - Ivri Anochi - I'm a Jew and I'm Proud

Gad Elbaz and Nissim - Hashem Melech 2.0

Just Jewish Dance - Shmor Na Aleinu

Just Jewish Dance - Tel Aviv

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