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Passover Video Collection 5780

Seder, Traditions, and Passover Lessons

All About Passover & the Four Questions (Ava Marmor)

Creating your Own Haggadah (Connie Rock)

Four Parents (Scherr-Hailey Family)

Four Questions (Ahrens-Siegel Family)

Four Questions and Our Unique Passover

Interactive Seder Traditions (Debbie Shuster)

Learning the Four Questions (Pearlman-Oliver Family)

Learning about the Four Children (Ava Marmor)

Miriam's Cup (Nicole Pinkus)

Misonceptions about Passover (Ava Marmor)

Passover Menu and Traditions (Berkman Family)

Passover Traditions (Isgur Family)

Seder Traditions (Kortberg Family)

Food and Drink

Carrot Soufflé (Bacharach-Palmieri Family)

Coconut Macaroons (Asha, SEED Teacher)

Forgotten Cookies (Carol Tice)

Homemade Matzah (Weinstein Family)

How to Make Charoset (Teresa, SEED Teacher)

Matzah Pizza with Wine Pairing (Geballe Family)

Passover Cocktail (Dawn Klinghoffer)

Plaguetini - A Passover Cocktail (Dan Charlton)

Yemenite Charoset (Diana Brement)

Fun and Creativity

Creating a Seder Plate (Louie Raffloer)

Dancing Dinosaurs (Raffloer-Stern Family)

Dayenu (Rabbi Dana Benson)

Lego Burning Bush (Kirk Family)

Lego Moses in the Water (Kleinstein Family)

Making a Matzoh House (Scout, SEED Teacher)

Origami Frog Tutorial (Binya Price)

Passover Story and Traditions (Brown Family)

Pesach Jumping Frog (Cathy Shiovitz)

Seder Plate Art Activity (Miriam Miller-Friday)

Music and Poetry

Adir Hu (Mark Falstein)

Avadim Hayinu (Taryn Webber & Noah Zeichner)

B'chol Dor Vador (Alec Sullivan)

Echad Mi Yodea (Suzanne Engelberg)

Ha Lachma Anya (Wendy Marcus & Shawn Weaver)

Let My People Go (Miriam Cory)

Songs for Passover Party (Mike, SEED Teacher)

Passover Poem (Barbara Droker)

Pharaoh Pharaoh (Eli & Owen Pollack)

We Shall Overcome (Miriam Cory)

Sun, May 16 2021 5 Sivan 5781