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Learning Resources (Week of April 5, 2020)

Torah Study

This Week’s Torah Portion: Pesach Chol Hamoed (April 11, 2020)

“Torah Study: Tips for Leading a Weekly Family Discussion”



Preschool Passover Challenge

Pesach Resources for Home Learning (ages 3-11)

Passover Resources from Gateways: Access to Jewish Education

Why is This Passover Different from All Other Passovers?

Step-by-Step Seder

8 Passover Activities for Your Family That Everyone Will Want to Do


Seder Plate

What Goes on a Seder Plate?

Lego Seder Plate



How Do You Make Matzah?

Chocolate Covered Matzah

How to Make 18-Minute Matzah



This Passover, Share Your Story and Inspire Resilience

"Where in the World is the Afikoman?"

(Play the free version of this game. You will be dropped somewhere in the world. You can pretend that you are the Afikoman and you have to look around at the scenery to figure out where you are on the map.) 

Afikoman Bag

Find the Afikomen


The Four Questions

The Four Questions

"Teaching Kids to Say the Four Questions"

The Four Questions

"Asking the Four Questions with American Sign Language"

The Four Questions with Visual Supports



Must-Know Passover Terms

Hebrew/English Dictionary-Passover Edition



What Are We Made of?

Storytelling Through Objects and Symbols

How to Draw a Cute Matzah

How to Draw a Cute Matzah Ball Soup

Passover Art: Baby Moses Interactive Collage



Science Fun for Kids: Parting the Red (Pepper) Sea

Create a Maze to Find the Afikomen

Moses Strikes the Rock-Reactions 

2016 Breakdance High Tech Haggadah

2015 Seder Rube Goldberg Machine


Fun and Games

Passover Hopscotch

Quiz: Test Your Passover Knowledge

Let My People Kahoot

Breakout Passover Game

“This Too Shall Pass...Over” Kahoot Game

Seder Jeopardy

Another Seder Jeopardy

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