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Prayer is a language that each of us speaks and hears in a different way. When we pray together, we try to find meaning within the chorus of diverse voices. With their engaging sermons and stimulating teachings, our rabbis show us how the lessons from the past are relevant to our lives today.

Through a wide range of truly meaningful spiritual experiences, we offer something for everyone: a variety of weekly Friday night and Saturday morning Shabbat services and a year full of enriching holiday celebrations. We also look forward to commemorating life cycle  events - such as births, B'nai Mitzvahs, and marriages - with you. 

Our services are fully egalitarian: men and women participate equally. We believe we have found a healthy balance between the traditional and the creative in our celebration and our worship.

Temple Beth Am is fully wheelchair accessible, and Shabbat shammesim (service helpers), who are knowledgeable in creating welcoming spaces for congregants and visitors in wheelchairs, can provide large-script prayer books to those with vision needs as well as welcome members with all disabilities.

Temple Beth Am provides free assisted-hearing devices for all services. In addition, we have interpreted services for the hearing impaired during the High Holy Days and other holidays.

Purim 5780


Sunday, March 8: Purim Carnival and All Ages 80’s Themed Purim Spiel

This year we are celebrating Purim B’Yachad with a super rad 80s-themed spiel and Purim carnival for everyone! Place your lunch order HERE !


9:45 AM - 10:30 AM Religious School students in their classrooms


10:45 AM: Totally Purim (57)80s spiel in the Sanctuary for kids, parents, and friends

(We will also have a quieter sensory sensitive Purim experience in K’hilah Rm. 226 during this time)


12:00 PM - 2:00 PM Purim Carnival in the University Prep Gym, and lunch in the Beth Am Social Hall


*** The carnival games this year are FREE for all of the kids at Beth Am! ***


Lunch options include:


•             $5 – hot dog or mac n’ cheese, bottle of water

•             $8 – hot dog or mac n’cheese, bottle of water, regular hamantaschen, bag of chips, popcorn or cotton candy

•             $1 – bottle of water, regular hamantaschen, bag of chips, popcorn, or cotton candy

•             $2 – fancy hamantaschen


Monday, March 9: Adult Megillah Readings Around Town

This year we are trying something crazy and new: three simultaneous megillah readings for adults around town!  Our fantastic team of rabbis will offer three different options for you to engage with text, discuss, and be with friends on this special Jewish holiday. Please sign up HERE for one of our Adult Megillah Readings:


Traditional Megillah with Rabbi Ruth A. Zlotnick

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM, Downtown Hosted by Goldie & Don Silverman

(Up to 30 people)

Feel free to dress up! There will be cider (hard and soft) and hamantaschen!


Megillah on Tap with Rabbi Jason Levine

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM, Greenwood

(Up to 40 people)


A Very Yentl Purim Megillah Musical Spiel with Rabbi Dana Benson

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM at Temple Beth Am

(Up to 200 people)

Jewish Holidays

The Temple Beth Am community celebrates all of the Jewish holidays, from the High Holy Days, which start our year in the fall, through Hanukkah, Passover, and Shavuot. To learn about the meanings and traditions behind our holidays, head to the Union for Reform Judaism's (URJ) website:

High Holy Days 5780

Through our worship, we aspire to create an environment in which we embrace the rebirth of creation on Rosh Hashanah and the rebirth of our souls on Yom Kippur. 


At Temple Beth Am, we believe in the transformational power of music: that it lifts our soul and energizes our spirit, that its very nature can inspire and connect us to one another.

We are blessed with a volunteer choir that sings at services on the first Friday night of each month and on Saturday mornings when there is a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, choosing from a repertoire that includes Chassidic, Classical Reform, Israeli, Yemenite, Yiddish, and contemporary Jewish music.

Contact Choir Director Taryn Webber for more information about how you can connect with the Temple Beth Am choir. Listen to Our Choir Samples.

Best of Beth Am

We have a variety of songs from our Choir available for listening. Some are contemplative and restful, others are invigorating and joyous, but all are uplifting. You can find short selections of some of these beloved standards on the right, or you can go here to hear pieces by our in-house resident composer, Shawn Weaver.image.png


While the ability to read sheet music is preferred, care is taken to include and nurture those who cannot. Singers may join the choir any time during the year (except July when the choir is off) and do not need to be members of Temple Beth Am.

Each section of the choir is anchored by a professional. Choir members are expected to attend rehearsals and as many services as possible. Please contact Choir Director Taryn Webber for a rehearsal schedule.

Tue, February 18 2020 23 Sh'vat 5780