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Pesach Immersive 5781

Zoom links for Pesach Immersive events will be shared in the Beth Am Happenings emails that go out every Friday afternoon. Email for more information or to be added to our email lists. Click here for more information about our immersive experiences.

Youth Learning and Engagement

Gan HaLimud: Garden of Learning ("The Gan")

Our Winter Informal & Immersive has begun! Click here to learn more and enough the community-connecting programs, available to everyone within our community.

Registration for Shimta Bet of The Gan 2020-2021 / 5781 begins here.

We encourage you to explore The Gan with our  Gan Overview, Values-Based Curriculum, Hebrew Approach, and The Gan FAQ. You can view the January 6, 2020 Gan Town Hall here as well as the Shmita Bet FAQ.

Please send any questions to Reyna Abraham or Rabbi Jason Levine.

Schedule for the Year
(The Gan is virtual-only until further notice.)
Dates include both Sunday and Midweek sessions.
August 20 - September 27: Elul Informal & Immersive
October 4 - November 19: 1st Shmita & Siyum (7 Weeks)
November 22 - January 3: Winter Informal & Immersive
January 10 - February 28: 2nd Shmita & Siyum (7 Weeks) (Mid-Winter Break from Feb. 14-18)
March 7 - April 18: Pesach Informal & Immersive
April 25 - June 10: 3rd Shmita & Siyum (7 Weeks)
June 13 - June 22: Transition to Summer

During Each Shmita
PreK-3rd Grade: 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
4th Grade - 7th Grade: 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Madrichim (8th - 12th Grade) will be present for whenever their grade meets.

Midweek Tracks
5:15 PM - 6:45 PM
Tuesdays: 10th - 12th Grade
Wednesdays: 7th - 9th Grade
Thursdays: 4th - 6th Grade

Tracks Offered During Shmita Bet

Our Shmita Bet Track Offerings were chosen based on your feedback in the surveys!

Students will explore how a variety of Jewish rituals are portrayed in various contexts. Students will begin to build a vocabulary around their personal “why” of ritual and how ritual has an impact in understanding Jewish Identity. Students will discuss specific rituals and what components make up a ritual (such as Shabbat, morning and evening blessings, cleansing rituals, rituals around meals, and more). 
Exploring Jewish Identity and Ritual through the lens of Fine Art
Using “Fine Art” and artists as a launchpad, students will explore how artists portray Jewish ritual, how art has an impact on Jewish Identity, and create their own artistic rendering of a ritual that has meaning for themselves, their community, and the world.
Exploring Jewish Identity and Ritual through History
All rituals are rooted in History. Students will explore specific rituals, where they came from, how they developed through time, and the impact our History has on individual Jewish identity, and what impact that has on our communities and the world. 

Exploring Jewish Identity and Ritual through our modern world and current events
Looking through the lens of our current world, students will engage in Jewish rituals and discuss their impact on Jewish identity building. Utilizing news sources, current events, and discussion, students will participate in debates and more about the importance ritual has in Jewish identity for themselves, their community, and the world. 
Exploring Jewish Identity and Ritual through film
Through the exploration of short film snippets, students will explore how our Jewish identity and rituals are portrayed. Students will have the opportunity to engage in their own ritual and film creations that showcase how ritual is meaningful to themselves, their community, and the world. 

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Welcome & Overview
Schedule for the Year
PreK - 3rd Grade
4th - 6th Grade
7th - 9th Grade
10th - 12th Grade
Midweek Tracks

Wed, March 3 2021 19 Adar 5781