Hearth Groups

Welcome to The Hearth!

What is The Hearth?

A Powerful, Joyous Jewish Experience

Hearth Groups prove that Jewish experiences and spirituality can happen outside of the sanctuary and separate from traditional ritual observance. Whether groups are learning together, meditating together, playing games or cooking together, the setting encourages us to see the sacred in each other and provides creative ways to continue on their Jewish journeys. Hearth Groups embody the Jewish value of simchah – joy that is communal and therefore increases as it is shared.

Connection and Belonging

Hearth Groups bring people together to create lasting connections across generations in nontraditional and creative ways. They provide a dynamic “third place” where no one feels alone; where new and long-standing members alike are radically welcomed; and where everyone can play a part in creating a complex, interconnected web of Jewish life.

See our FAQ page for more information or if you have any questions about the Hearth Groups, email us at temple@templebetham.org.