Youth Learning and Engagement in The Gan

Our Youth Learning Program, The Gan, resumed in person Sunday, October 3 for the first time since March of 2020. We are so excited to share an amazing year with our students, Faculty, and Madrichim!

As we work to navigate the rapid rise of Omicron in our community and work to keep our community safe :

The Gan will temporarily stay virtual through Sunday, January 23 — Midweek classes will remain virtual throughout Shmita Bet. With numbers still growing at an unprecedented pace, we need to remain virtual for at least one more week and we will remain virtual mid-week for the entire Shmita in order to lower the risk of multiple contacts and to hopefully open on Sundays sooner.

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Gan Calendar 2021-22

Read our Covid policies and our Registration 5782 FAQ. If you have any questions regarding The Gan, then please contact Reyna Abraham. To register for the Gan, please log in to your account, go to “My Account” and choose the “Start School Enrollment” button.

The Madrichim employee documents can be downloaded here.

For Enrolled Students and Madrichim

Madrichim Assignments For Shmita Bet

Zoom Links for Shmita Bet January 16

We are excited to begin our second year of The Gan*, our innovative Youth Learning Program. We have taken a new approach by embracing a fun and engaging experiential educational model to strengthen students’ relationships to each other and their Jewish Identity. Exploring our Jewish Values curriculum, students will be empowered to use their voice and choice in determining which experiential and project-based activities they would like to participate in throughout their Jewish learning with us. Our activities will include art, games, music, dance, S.T.E.M., text study, Hebrew, film, cooking, and more! * The Gan is short for Gan HaLimud, Hebrew for Garden of Learning.

We encourage you to explore The Gan with our  Gan OverviewValues-Based CurriculumHebrew Approach, and The Gan FAQ.

Our year is divided into three trimesters (Shmitot) in which students will engage in a variety of Jewish learning and relationship-building activities in a more formal learning setting.

The formal learning sessions include:

  • Shmita Aleph: Building Relationships to Judaism (October 3, 2021–November 18, 2021)
  • Shmita Bet: Jewish Identity (January 9, 2022–February 17, 2022)
  • Shmita Gimmel: Jewish Community (April 24, 2022–June 12, 2022)

In between the Shmitot are informal Immersive sessions featuring youth-centered activities and engagement opportunities as well as Shabbatonim (weekend retreats) and trips.

Check out our calendar here.

If you are interested in enrolling your student in The Gan and are not yet a member of Temple Beth Am, please reach out to Sam Rosen.

For more information regarding the 2021–2022 / 5782 school year, we encourage you to check out the following materials:

Working in The Gan

Our open positions are listed below, click each link to read the j0b description. Please send all applications and inquiries to Reyna Abraham (

Open Positions:

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