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Making a contribution to Temple Beth Am is an exemplary way to help ensure we meet the needs of our temple community - now and for generations to come. Through contributions, we participate in tzedakah- derived from the Hebrew word meaning "justice" or "righteousness"- furthering our mission to deepen relationships to Judaism and our community, inspiring lives, and healing the world through powerful Jewish experiences.

We offer many philanthropic opportunities to model tzedakah, including recognizing friends, family, and loved ones to support our k'hilah kedoshah, our sacred synagogue community. To learn more about the ways you can give, we invite you to keep reading or to set up an individual giving consultation with Davida Sims, our Executive Director. 

We are grateful for your ongoing support and commitment to our thriving temple community!

Annual Support

Your Annual Support commitment is the backbone of Temple Beth Am's operating budget. Beyond membership dues, all faith- based institutions require supplemental operating funds, and Temple Beth Am is not exempt from these fiscal realities. Inspiring worship, educational programs, community outreach, volunteer and cultural opportunities, maintenance of our Sanctuary and facility, and making membership open to everyone regardless of financial circumstances, all depend on the support of caring individuals.

Those who make an Annual Support commitment, either through gifts beyond their sustaining membership level and/or a gift during our Annual Appeal, help make our community strong year after year. 

Temple Beth Am Leadership Level Giving:
Hazonim (Visionaries): $18,000 + 
Amundim (Pillars): $10,000 - $17,999 
Shomrim (Guardian): $7,500 - $9,999 
Giborim (Heroes): $5,000 
Bonim (Builders): $3,600 - $4,999 

Beyond leadership gifts, donations of any size are always greatly appreciated. To give online, click here, mail in a check, or contact Davida Sims to learn more about Annual Support.  Thank you so much for your support of our community!


Tribute giving is a traditional way to honor, celebrate, thank, or remember others. It is also a way to mark special life cycle events like births, baby namings, consecrations, B'nai Mitzvah, Covenant Renewal, graduations, engagements, and weddings. We encourage you to learn more about our special funds and to select the fund that best fits the occasion when you make your gift. If you choose, we will send a card to the honoree, or the family of the individual whose memory you are honoring, notifying them of your gift, omitting the amount, of course. Unless you specify otherwise, your gift will also be recognized in a congregation-wide email once a month.

New named funds may also be created to fund programs or initiatives. Please contact Davida Sims for more information on creating a named fund. 

Donors can click here to fill out an online tribute form. For help with tribute giving, please email Database Manager Megan Freeman

Major Gifts

We are always grateful to receive gifts directed towards temple operations or to one of our special funds. However, we sometimes have unique needs that cannot be met through these funds, and we rely on the support of amazing community members through our Major Gifts program. If you are interested in making a directed gift, please contact Davida Sims. Naming opportunities are available.

Creating a Lasting Legacy

One of the greatest gifts someone can give is that of a legacy - a gift that will provide for the present and future of their community. Temple Beth Am offers many options for planned giving that can make a lasting impact and serve as pillars for our congregation’s future. 


A bequest is a wonderful and easy way to leave a legacy gift to Temple Beth Am. A specific amount or percentage of your estate is designated in your will or trust to go to Temple Beth Am. This planned gift will allow us to continue our important work for generations to come, while not affecting your current assets. This type of gift will also create a charitable deduction which will reduce estate taxes.*

Retirement Accounts

Did you know you can easily designate all or a portion (percentage or dollar amount) of your retirement account to Temple Beth Am? This gift allows you to leave a meaningful gift to your temple community while allowing heirs to save on estate taxes, as well as income taxes, upon distribution of the retirement account to Temple Beth Am.

Gifts of Stock

For those wishing to make an immediate impact on programs and services at Temple Beth Am, a gift of appreciated stock is an ideal choice. This gift has two major advantages for the donor: an income tax deduction for the gift as well as no payment of capital gains on the increase in value of the stock.*

Charitable Remainder Trust

In this type of planned gift, the donor would work with his/her attorney to set up a trust. The trust would distribute a specified percentage of income to the donor for a predetermined number of years. The remainder value of the funds in the trust would generate a lifetime charitable deduction for the donor. Funds in the trust upon the donor’s death would be distributed to Temple Beth Am. These funds would not be subject to estate taxes upon the donor’s death.*

Life Insurance

There are two options for planned gifts to Temple Beth Am involving life insurance. The first is naming Beth Am as a beneficiary on an existing policy. Funds would be distributed tax-free upon the donor’s death to the temple. Another alternative is to purchase a new policy and donate the policy to Temple Beth Am. In this case, the donor would receive an income tax deduction for the amount of the policy premiums paid, and the life insurance policy payments would not be taxed upon death.*

Any way you structure it, your valuable legacy gift is essential to ensure Temple Beth Am serves our community for generations to come. For more information on planned giving or to have any gift directed toward one of Temple Beth Am’s endowment funds, contact Davida Sims

*Please note, the examples provided above are not meant as legal or tax advice. For information pertaining to your personal circumstances and to learn more about planned giving, please contact your own attorney and/or financial advisor.

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