Teen Leadership Opportunities in The Gan: Madrichim

Students who have completed their 7th-grade year in The Gan become eligible for our Teen Leadership Programs. All of our teen leaders will be consistently modeling our Jewish Values and taking part in a variety of activities that reflect our efforts as a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive learning space. Trainings for professional development will be offered at various times throughout the year for all of our teen leaders who have completed their Madrichim Internship.

The Madrichim employee documents can be downloaded here.

Participating in the Madrichim program is one of the most enriching experiences a teen can have. Our Madrichim program builds essential skills of resiliency, kindness, understanding, and relational literacy that last a lifetime! It is not only a great first job, it is a holistic learning and leadership experience. Therefore, all Madrichim are required to be enrolled in The Gan.

Madrichim Internship Year – for 8th Grade, or 1st Year Madrichim

The Madrichim Internship Year is a designed for students who are interested in being a Madrichim or participating in other leadership opportunities such as youth groups/NFTY. On Sundays, students will meet with Madrichim Mentors, Faculty, guest educators and professionals from within our community to learn/practice facilitation skills, leadership and professional skills, team building, and social emotional learning skills all of which will be taught through a Jewish lens to be applied in a variety of learning or professional settings. Upon completion of this classroom learning/unpaid internship year, students are eligible to become paid Madrichim in our program. Completion of the Madrichim Internship Year is required to participate as a Madrich/ah/eh. Registration for the Madrichim Internship Class will be part of enrollment for 8th grade students.

Madrichim Internship classes are on Sundays

Madrichim – 9th-12th Grades

*Must have completed the full Madrichim Internship Year at Temple Beth Am or have clergy waiver

Similar to assistant teachers in secular schools, our teens work directly with students helping to communicate and support learning engagement. Madrichim will have the opportunity to work alongside faculty and peers in our learning spaces. They will participate in various learning centers and activities, practicing and honing their skills as facilitators and working directly with students, while under the supervision of faculty and staff. The Madrichim position can be either a volunteer or paid position.

Some Madrichim may “specialize” in a particular area should they choose to do so. For example, there are opportunities for Madrichim to specialize in Music, Peer Mentorship, Song Leading, Story Telling, Hebrew, Technology Support and more!

Sharing their feedback, ideas, and creativity, the Madrichim make a commitment to help with a variety of experiential learning opportunities for students.

Have questions about teen opportunities in The Gan? Visit our Gan FAQ page!