Rabbinic Search Committee

Welcome to the Rabbi Search Committee information page. Below you will find updates from the Committee. Stay tuned for more information as the search continues. If you have a specific concern or question, please reach out to the Committee cochairs at rabbinicsearch@templebetham.org.

Read Rabbi Jason’s sermon on his time at Beth Am from the Shabbat Barbecue here.

Community Survey!
Community feedback and transparency are essential to the Rabbinic search process. The Rabbinic Search Committee invites all members 11 years and up to fill out this survey letting the committee know what you think we should consider as we search for our next rabbi. 

September, 2023 update:

The Rabbinic Search Committee (RSC) is a diverse group of congregants that will evaluate and select a new rabbi who can help Temple Beth Am advance our mission.

The process for choosing a new rabbi (assistant, associate, or senior) is formally set by Temple Beth Am’s bylaws. The Board of Directors creates a Board Advisory Committee (RSC) selected to represent our community’s diverse demographics. This Advisory Committee will work with the Senior Rabbi and others to define the organization’s needs and find a candidate who meets them. The Advisory Committee will propose a candidate that must be mutually acceptable to the Board and to the Senior Rabbi.

As an early step in the process, the RSC has met with the Project Bina team to hear the community’s feedback and input given through the Kibbitz Sessions held over the last few months. Be sure to fill out the Beth Am community survey coming in October. We plan to also use that feedback during this search process.

The RSC anticipates inviting a few final candidates out in the late fall and early winter. It is at this point that the community’s help will be employed (sitting in on a practice teaching from the prospective rabbi, etc…). Stay tuned! The RSC will make a recommendation to the Board in early calendar year 2024. The committee plans to work very closely with Senior Rabbi Zlotnick as well as the Executive Director and others on the clergy and professional team.

Rabbinic Search Committee Members

Dita Appelbaum (she/her) (co-chair)
Dita and her husband, Fred, joined TBA 34 years ago. They have two grown sons, one of whom is a member of Beth Am and one a member of Beth Shalom. Dita is a past Temple Beth Am Board president (2006-8) and a retired cancer nurse.

Ben Glatstein (he/him) (co-chair)
Ben and his wife, Theresa, joined Beth Am about 15 years ago when they moved to Seattle. They have three
kids, the oldest will have his bar mitzvah next year. Ben’s a lawyer and Microsoft and a past Temple Beth Am Board President.

Greg Berkman (ex officio) (he/him)
Greg joined Temple Beth Am in the late ’90s. He was born and raised in Seattle’s north end. Over the years, he and his family have been involved in most aspects of temple lifeGreg is a retired CPA, financial planner operations executive. Currently serving as Temple Beth Am Board PresidentGreg and Ruth have four children and an aging boat that keeps them busy

Alan Schulkin (he/him)
Alan and his wife Susan have been Beth Am members since 1984. They raised their two sons here, now the parents of four grandchildren all in Seattle, two of whom have gone to the SEED preschool from infancy. Alan is a retired lawyer, former Temple Beth Am president (in the early ‘90s) and has volunteered at Temple in
numerous capacities, the most audible of which was blowing the shofar for 25 years.

Alicia Tieder (she/her)
Alicia and her husband Joel joined the Beth Am community in 2016. They have 4 children aged 20, 6 (enrolled in the Gan), and 3-year-old identical twins. Alicia is the Chief Diversity Officer at Seattle Children’s Hospital, and Joel is a Pediatric Hospitalist at Seattle Children’s as well. Alicia is dedicated to supporting equity, diversity, and inclusion at TBA and ensuring everyone has a true sense of belonging in the community.

Allison Opson-Clement (they/them)
Allison has been around Beth Am for a decade. Currently, they also serve as Co-Chair of the Hearth Committee for small groups. A Seattleite born and raised, they love stories, learning, and new experiences.

Lauren Young –Dudakov (she/her)
Lauren and her husband Jarrod have been members of Beth Am for around 6 years. Originally from Australia, they moved to Seattle in 2016 after a 7 year stint in NYC. They have two kids, aged 10 and 8, both enrolled in the Gan. Lauren works in vaccine clinical trials at The Fred Hutchinson
Cancer Center, and is the current Board Secretary.

Liz Mizrahi (she/her)
Liz and her husband Joe have been members of Temple Beth Am for the past 12 years
They have three daughters (Shoshana, Miriam and Simone) who have been involved at the Temple since birth from their naming ceremonies to SEED, to the Gan, and next year, Shoshana will have her Bat MitzvahLiz is the principal of an elementary school and Joe is the leader of a local labor union.    

Michael Berman (he/him)
Michael and his wife Terri Buysse (she/her) joined Beth Am 17 years ago when they moved to Seattle from Oakland. They have two children: Alissa (she/her) is a senior at Whitman College and
Iz (they/them) is a sophomore at the University of California Santa Cruz. Michael works for Sound Transit, and he has served on the board and on two previous clergy search committees. 

Olivia Huie (she/her) (Youth Leader representative)
Olivia has been a member of Temple Beth Am since moving back to Seattle 8 years ago. She had her Bat Mitzvah here in 2019 and has been a
Madricha for 2 yearsShe is an incoming junior at Lincoln High school in Wallingford. She is a lifeguard during the summer and after school.

Non-voting, advisory members: Rabbi Ruth Zlotnick (Senior Rabbi), Davida Sims (Executive Director)