Judaism 201 Material 2021-22

This class is taught by Rabbi Jason and follows the syllabus, Foundations for a Thoughtful Judaism by Shalom Hartman Institute.

This class is currently in session, and meets on Zoom.

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Students, please use the links below to access and download course materials and listen to podcasts. 

November 30: Intro, Judaism as an Interpretative Tradition


December 7: Peoplehood Unit 2 Class 3 –Navigating Diverse Communities

December 14: Peoplehood Unit 2 Class 4 –What Members of a People Owe Each Other

Peoplehood podcast:

Peoplehood and Place 


December 21: Faith Unit 2 Class 2 –Intimacy and Distance

January 4: Faith Unit 2 Class 3 –Faith and Ethics

Faith podcasts: 

Faith as a Universal Concept

Complex Relationships with God and Dynamism in a Life of Faith

Faith and Identity


January 11: Ethics Unit 2 Class 4 –Building Community

January 18: Ethics Unit 3 Class 1 –The Moral Imperative Approach

January 25: Ethics Unit 3 Class 2 –The Moral Concern Approach

Ethics podcasts: 

What Makes Jewish Ethics Jewish?

How Do We Negotiate Competing Obligations?

Can Torah Make People More Ethical?


February 1: Practice Unit 2 Class 1 –Caring for Others

February 8: Practice Unit 2 Class 2 –Connecting with God

February 15: Practice Unit 2 Class 3 –Identifying with the Collective

February 22: Closing, Practice Unit 2 Class 4 –Refining Oneself

Practice podcasts: 

The Centrality of Place

Practice as Culture and Practice as Law