Thursdays in The Gan

On Thursdays from 5-6:30 PM, all 4-6th graders enrolled in The Gan participate in midweek programming tailored to their age group and unique time in their Jewish journies. Thursday night classes are devoted to building our 4-6th grade cohort’s confidence in service leadership in preparation for their B_Mitzvahs.

Meet the Thursday Faculty Team
Our Thursday faculty team is supported by Reyna Abraham, Jacob Glickman and the Beth Am clergy.

Faculty Lead

Faculty Lead

Hebrew Specialist

Hebrew Specialist




(they, he, she)

Not Pictured: Tananda Haulley, Jacob Klatzker, Naomi Litwack (Hebrew Specialist)

Thursday Evening Schedule:

5-5:20 PM: Hebrew

5:20-5:40 PM: Pizza Dinner

5:40-6:00 PM: T’fillah

6:00-6:30 PM: Chevrah Tracks

Hebrew: Students will receive small group learning and instruction to further support their liturgical Hebrew. Thursday nights will focus on reviewing the Hebrew skills that were taught the previous Sundays- allowing students to re-engage with material to support the repetition and frequent engagement necessary for service leadership learning to be successful.

Pizza: Pizza will be provided with no additional cost for all students attending Thursdays in The Gan, and is an opportunity for students to break bread with each other, and to practice eating Jewishly through prayer and community.

T’fillah: During T’fillah, students will engage with one of Temple Beth Am’s clergy team to connect to the spiritual side of their Judaism. This is a time to be in the sanctuary, practice prayer and song, as well as engage in reflection.

Chevrah Tracks: Chevrah tracks provide an opportunity for 4th-6th graders to find an elective that aligns with their interests as well as connecting with each other, engaging with their Jewish identities, and diving into our rich Jewish values, traditions, and history. Chevrah roughly translates to a close-knit group, and with this aspiration in mind, tracks will be split into four quarters, each quarter lasting for six sessions. This is a time for students to enjoy being together, being at Temple, and building lasting bonds and friendships.

Quarter 1: Animation (6th grade only), Artistic Expression Jewish Calendar Making, Drama/Improv, Lego Bonim, Jewish Book Club

Quarter 2: Animation (4+5th only), Artistic Expression Crafts, Drama/Improv, Lego Bonim, Jewish Book Club

Quarter 3: Animation (6th grade only), Artistic Expression Music, Drama/Improv, Games B’Yachad, Jewish Book Club

Quarter 4: Animation 4+5th, Artistic Expression – Projects, Guf in Motion, Games B’Yachad, Jewish Book Club